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By ricini, Mar 12 2016 11:51AM

Bombyx livestock will be available from next week as larvae [silkworms].

A new web page is being set up for livestock sales & will become live on Monday 14th March.

Bombyx will be sold in instar stage only.....there are 5 instars from hatching from the egg up to fully mature. So there will be 5 price breaks according to which instar you are buying.

Bombyx silkworms are delicate & will be posted by 1st class signed for delivery ONLY. They will be feeding on mulberry artificial diet but can be transfered onto fresh mulberry leaves with ease.

* Please note they will not transfer back to artificial diet once fed on fresh foliage.*

By ricini, Feb 25 2016 09:51AM

The time is nearing for our Bombyx rearing to start.

Rearing will begin in 1 weeks time & then continuously for the rest of the year. This means we will have Bombyx livestock available for sale in all stages at all times with silk being produced on a weekly basis.

Out of season Bombyx rearing will be on artificial food, October to May. In season rearing will be on both artificial & fresh mulberry foliage, June to Septmber.

Ricini rearing is going very well, & well on target for continuously rearing by the end of the year.

Please keep an eye on this blog for updates & the shop for livestock sales.


Bombyx mori
Bombyx mori

By ricini, Jan 28 2016 02:29PM

I now have a new page on the web site for shows & workshops so far this year.

Hellens Garden Festival is a wonderful day out for all. June 11th & 12th. 2016

Malvern Art Summer School. There will only be a few places as these are small & informal classes, so book early. August 11th. 2016

I hope to see you there.



By ricini, Jan 23 2016 04:41PM

Eri silk moth eggs are available NOW & will be for the next few weeks.

These are from good strong stock. The expanding rearing of eri is going well & on target to have continious availablity towards the end of this year.

By ricini, Jan 17 2016 01:55PM

A belated Happy New Year to all.

2016 brings some sweaping changes to the silk farm here.

The eri breeding programme is going well with the latest stock now in cocoon. The rearing is now on an expanding breeding programme, this means as we go through the year more & more broods will be produced & we are on target to have stock in all stages at all times & will be able to have stock available all the times by the end of the year. Privet is used for Late Autumn, Winter & early Spring feeding. Ailanthus & Caster for the rest of the time. The stock is very strong.

Bombyx rearing will start in early March. This is being set up NOW. Once we start Bombyx they will also be reared 12 months of the year with livestock available at all times.

Antheraea pernyi will feature high this year with large stocks being reared for the first time. see picture.

The first mulberry trees are ready for planting.......unfortunatly the wet weather has put a hold on this & we wait for dryer times ! I am hoping we can start planting in March.......maybe ! When we start i will put pictures on here.

As far as the weaving goes....all is on a stop. A complete re-think. From now on i will be only weaving our own silk, 100% English silk. Woad will be used for dying, which we will produce here.

A few work shops, talks & shows this year, dates still to be comfirmed. As soon as i have them i will post on here & have a page dedicated to that.

There are quite a lot of changes going on....all good & i look forward to sharing these with you as we go through the year.


Antheraea pernyi female on cocoon
Antheraea pernyi female on cocoon
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