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Rearing &Talks.

By ricini, Jun 24 2019 10:49AM


I have decided to stop rearing Bombyx silkworms. They are very time consuming to rear so instead i am concentrating on the Samia ricini.

Samia ricini was my first interest in silk rearing & i feel a need to go back to them. They are continuously brooded so i can rear them all year round. I also want to concentrate on food suppliments for them & building a super strong genetical pool.

I have been building up the rearing since October last year & now at a point where i have all stages of Samia all the time. This means eggs will be available every month of the year & i will be able to take the whole lifecycle to talks & shows.


I am building a talks page now & it will be live by the end of this week.

The talks can be very flexible. The Ashford loom folds up & is very portable & now i have the Samia rearing continuous i can show silk from worm to weave.

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